Release of a new version of the QUIK-server software — 4.24

29 july 2015

The main improvements in the new software version have been made in the QUIK-server functionality and its limit calculation library. The primary reason for the changes was to make it easier to set and manage end user rights.

Thus, the QUIK-server may now allow or ban access to the main and/or access servers for users belonging to a particular organization. This innovation makes it possible for brokers with a large branch network to segregate client servicing by separate branches.

As for mobile devices, there is a change in the logic of two-factor authentication PIN-code transmission on connection to the QUIK-server. Earlier, a PIN-code could be sent to users who had no right for mobile terminal connection. The updated server version forwards PIN-codes only after having checked the user rights.

A number of server software changes were made in the limit calculation library. For example, the functionality “REPO-trade limits by the first part direction” was implemented in limit templates making it possible to set limitations on the list of allowed and prohibited securities for REPO and REPO with a central counter-party operations with a particular direction.

Moreover, clients using a limit management scheme “by discounts” acquired support in portfolio collateral calculation. They can now calculate risk in spot-instruments according to the rules of derivative market instruments, and they can also net currency position risks in derivative contracts for currency pairs.

It became possible to adjust portfolio collateral both in client templates and individually. Moreover, portfolio collateral settings may now be introduced as a template for a group of clients while a basic asset for the portfolio may be specified.

In addition to that the new version of the QUIK-server has reduced default intervals between trading data feeds (30 instead of 100 msec) and shorter graphics delivery intervals (0.1 instead of 1 sec).

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