QUIK Workstation new version 6.4

16 december 2012

ARQA Technologies launched a new version of the QUIK Workstation – 6.4

The main improvements of the version are the new build-in programming language Lua, integration with the service of automatic technical analyses pattern drawing supplied by Autochartist, as well as numerous novelties for increasing the usability of the Workstation.

The built-in interpreted scripting language Lua was added to the QUIK Workstation. Lua language is widely used in different applications which demand fast and easily learnt scripting programming language. In QUIK 6.4 the opportunity to refer to the data received from the QUIK server with the help of Lua scripts was realized as well as the opportunity to connect external modules. QUIK Workstation allows loading Lua scripts both in form of initial program code and compiled code (that is in form of bite code).

Autochartist is the service of automatic technical analyses pattern drawing on charts. The service is supplied by the same-named company. Charts built in QUIK Workstation are integrated with this service in the following way: periodically data about new patterns appeared on the charts of selected securities comes from the Autochartist server. This data is displayed in the Autochartist table and can be automatically added to the QUIK charts in which the same security and time interval are selected.

New design of windows and tables in the new QUIK Workstation interface should be mentioned.

You can find the full list of modifications here.

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