QUIK Workstation new version 6.3

2 july 2012

ARQA Technologies launched a new version of the QUIK Workstation - 6.3. In this version the list of transferred market data was expanded in the part of QUIK standard tables as well as in the process of carrying active operations. Other version’s improvements refer to the charts and optimization of the QUIK workstation itself and its interaction with external program solutions.

At standard tables of the QUIK workstation (Tables of Orders, Trades, All trades) the next parameters are displayed now:

  • period of the trading session (opening, main, closing),
  • microsecond measurement in which an order was sent or canceled or a trade was carried out,
  • an actual date of a trade transferred from the trading system.

The parameter “Settlement currency” was added to the tables of Orders for OTC trades and Trades for Orders execution. Parameters “Shorts (net)” and “Longs (net)” was added to the Client Portfolio table.

Among the new functionality the following ones should be mentioned:

  • appearance of a separate table where the diagnostic on transactions is displayed,
  • possibility to request news and all trades from the moment of connecting to a QUIK server,
  • adding the parameter for futures and options which displays a maximum volume of the collateral which will be blocked for an order,
  • possibility to display intervals in future at charts.

Thanks to the realized optimizations:

  • calculation of program by QPILE was accelerated,
  • export through DDE of the Table of Quotes and start of export through ODBC of the same table were accelerated,
  • drawing tables and charts was optimized.

The complete list of changes in the new version of the QUIK workstation as well as the list of imperfections of the previous versions will make glad the widest range of traders – those who carry out special operations from a group of accounts and from several brokers as well as traders who specialize in scalper and algo operations.

The special attention of QUIK terminal’s users should be paid to the fact that the new version of the QUIK workstation 6.3 is supported only by the QUIK server version 4.0 or later. In connection with it users have to make sure that the QUIK server of their broker is updated up to the version 4.0.

QUIK v.6.3 Distribution kit

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