QUIK Workstation new version 6.0

9 january 2012

ARQA Technologies launched a new version of the QUIK Workstation – 6.0. This version is the first in the new generation of workstations and its ergonomics was considerably improved. While developing the version a we implemented a lot of changes based on users’ suggestions.

We’d like to mention the following optimizations and improvements, which were made for more comfortable work with the user interface:

  • the basic settings of the workstation were optimized;
  • data filtration by values and row and cell formatting in main tables, which can be used optionally, were developed
  • in the new version the Drag-and-Drop function can be widely used for operations with tables and diagrams – moving windows to other tabs, changing the order of columns and rows, replacing and removing instruments, moving charts and many other operations.

Among the added functions the following ones should be mentioned:

  • adding hot key for opening the dialog of searching an instrument;
  • realization of the opportunity to change a trend attachment to a chart/indicator;
  • changing Fibonacci indicators behavior;
  • improvements in calculation of purchasing power in Client Portfolio table and in the new order dialog.

The imperfections of the previous versions were corrected. Among them incorrect diagram displaying after minimizing the dialog with the chart; after making certain settings incorrect calculation of margin debt on a security, which is traded at several markets, and of maximum possible lots quantity in the new order dialog; incorrect work of F1 key in some situations; incorrect work of the Price Channel indicator with QPILE and others.

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