QUIK Workstation new version 5.21

16 march 2011

ARQA Technologies launched a new version of the QUIK Workstation – 5.21.

The new version includes some new features:

  • new rules of commission calculation on MICEX are supported,
  • tables with the data, necessary for conducting operations in Central Counterparty Dealing Mode on MICEX, were added,
  • any number of transactions can be confirmed now by one new transaction for settlement order-report in Negotiation Trades Mode,
  • new Iceberg Order was added to the context menu of the main tables. It is used for the trading systems, which support this type of orders (e.g. LSE),
  • the global filters for firms, trade accounts and clients can be saved in the configuration file, as well as other individual settings,
  • automatic substitution of trade account by firm code was realized in the multi-broker version of QUIK Workstation.

The next imperfections of the previous versions were corrected:

  • delays while data export via DDE,
  • inaccurate reading the settings of data export via DDE,
  • wrong value of OPERATION parameter for All Trades table in QPILE,
  • displaying security nominal value with an accuracy to а hundredth instead of the accuracy set for an instrument by the trading system,
  • inaccurate return of zero value by MONEY_CURRENT_BALANCE function,
  • inaccuracy in the User manual,
  • other imperfections.

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