QUIK Workstation new version 5.18

18 october 2010

ARQA Technologies launched the new version of the QUIK Workstation - 5.18.

In the new version resources consumption while using the software, and data processing algorithms have been optimized. As a result the software processing speed has risen, and the users’ computers are not overloaded.

Among the new version innovations, there is the automatic start of DDE server for data exporting. Now data exporting trough the DDE server doesn’t request DDE server to be started in advance.

The mechanism of getting information, which the functions of built-in QPILE language appeal to, has been modified. In the new QUIK version QPILE algorithms get data directly from the program tables instead of their copies.

Sequential sorting by several parameters in QUIK tables was developed. The dialog of forming algo-orders became available from the Quotes table context menu.

Previous versions defects were corrected.

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