QUIK Workstation new version 5.16

29 january 2010

ARQA Technologies launched a new version of the QUIK Workstation – 5.16. The new version has many facilities requested by the users such as new features for working with contingent orders and for scalping. Working with Information agencies newsfeed interfaces has become more comfortable. Previous versions defects, which disturbed users working with the QUIK Workstation, are corrected.

New features for working with contingent orders

  • New type of stop-orders was realized: Take Profit And Stop Limit, which allows sending a stop order of both types simultaneously;
  • A new type of orders - “on the execution” - became available. That means, that when a contingent order is fully or partially executed, a Take Profit And Stop Limit stop order is activated;
  • A market order generated by Take Profit And Stop Limit and Take Profit And Stop Limit On Execution is supported. This option is implemented only for the MICEX Stock Exchange;
  • The period setting for Take Profit And Stop Limit stop order becomes possible.

New ways of Quotes window usage

  • The ability to configure Quotes table as a rarefied ‘glass’ was developed. It is a price staircase with a price step, which is determinated be a minimum price step of a definite instrument;
  • Quick order sending with the help of mouse buttons is developed;
  • The ability of ‘shift of price’ configuration in order to prevent price slipping while sending orders was added;
  • To provide quick order input from Quotes table, an ability to attach quantity and price shift value to the shortcut keys is added.

While using Information agencies newsfeed interfaces, it becomes possible to load the list of news titles simultaneously with the news content. Context news filtration, alert configuration, font size and color, and the other news displaying parameters were developed.

Also in the new version

  • The opportunity to review a bond yield chart to the expiration date chart or to an offer date is realized, as well as the opportunity to represent the AWP yield or the last trade price;
  • The opportunity to represent information about graph candle as an independent legend in the left top corner of a chart appeared;
  • Client Portfolio table has new parameters: Total Money Balance and Total Locked Money;
  • New functionality for using class separators in a new order dialog has appeared;
  • A new facility of automatic insertion of the lowest/highest price of a definite security from the Quotes table for the FORTS market order is added.

We’d like to mention some imperfections of the previous QUIK versions, which were corrected

  • The problem with windows configuration saving, which arouse after several consistent QUIK Workstation restart and reconnection to the QUIK server,. has been solved;
  • The imperfections of the QPILE interpretation were revised (skipping the BREAK operator, wrong columns using, problems with the Fractals indicator receiving and IF construction interpretation, debugger starvation);
  • Problems with charts displaying were resolved (problems with the Envelopes indicator edition, with the Fibonacci indicator arcs correct displaying, chart notes displaying were solved);
  • The problem of frequent connection to QUIK via Trans2QuikAPI is eliminated.

Also many other defects were corrected.

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