QUIK Workstation new version

3 september 2009

ARQA Technologies launched the new version of the QUIK Workstation - 5.14. 
In this version the new functionality for providing peculiar brokers’ operations as well as additional features for users has appeared. 

Important additional features are to be noted:

  • a new chart for bond-equivalent yield which allows to compare different bonds to the parameter «yield to expiration» is appeared,
  • a spread between the price of limited order and the preset stop price while moving stop-orders at charts is preserved,
  • while working with built-in programming QPILE language, access to DI-, DI+ lines for ADX indicator is added; procedure of copying information to the clipboard is optimized; imperfections of working with interpreter are revised.

In the part of special broker operations:

  • the possibility of broadcasting the market-makers’ obligations  has been added for the MICEX markets,
  • the new feature of orders entering  «Entering an order to confirm OTC transactions» -  is realized,
  • the procedure of own quotes replacement is optimized.

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