QUIK terminates support of the solutions for accessing FORTS and RTS Standard based on ODBC (MSSQL) technology

22 september 2010

ARQA Technologies has successfully completed the transition to Plaza II technology of all the brokers’ QUIK complexes located in the company’s own data centers, as well as the majority of those complexes located in the brokers’ own infrastructures.

The experience of usage the Plaza-II components proves high technological stability of all the Plaza II components and significantly higher performance of the solution compared with ODBC technology.

ARQA Technologies announces a termination of ODBC technology software development starting from September the 20th, 2010 and cessation of support of this software starting from November the 1st, 2010. The company will continue to support the clients in their upgrading to the Plaza-II technology. Inquiries are to be addressed to the QUIK support department: +7 (383) 219–16–06, support@quik.ru.

In accordance with the Transition schedule to Plaza-II Platform (http://www.rts.ru/a19850), RTS Exchange plans to stop supporting interfaces to the FORTS trading system based on ODBC from February the 1st, 2011.

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