QUIK supports the broker’s clients participation in trading at the RTS Classic Market

15 october 2008

Recently the RTS Stock Exchange has offered to the market participants the new service – «Gateway-2». It allows direct access of the brokers’ clients in trading at the RTS Classic market via Internet.

ARQA Technologies specialists have developed the OTC Gate interface allowed the broker’s clients to receive the anonymous market data and to trade in the market using the QUIK terminals. 

Interface OTC Gate consists of the server interacted with the RTS trading system gateway (so-called «the Gateway-2») and of the additional application to the QUIK Workstation for the broker’s clients. For detailed description of the Gateway-2 structure and its functions, please, address to - http://www.rts.ru/s985

Purchase and testing requests are to be addressed to ARQA Technologies Sales&Marketing Department: +7 (383) 219-16-94 (-92), sales@arqa.ru.

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