QUIK provides the possibility of participation in KASE ‘live’ trading

22 november 2011

Transactional FIX gateway actuated for the trial operation in August of the year was put in the commercial operation by Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) on the 21st of November 2011. QUIK program complex connected to KASE trading system trough this Transactional FIX gateway in testing mode was put in the ‘live’ operational regime as well.

Since September of this year ARQA Technologies has been providing participation in trading at KASE securities and obligations market for banks and companies as well as for their clients via KASE trading interface especially developed by the company’s technical specialists.

The interface provides receiving market data in online mode as well as allows carrying out purchase and sales operations with securities admitted to trading at KASE trading system.

The possibility of free testing the connection to the test KASE Trading system via QUIK is granted to any company or bank, KASE member, on the base of ARQA Technologies Technical center in Novosibirsk. In this case all the equipment required for testing is being provided to a company/bank by the Technical center and the installation of additional software or equipments is not required.

KASE Trading interface purchase and testing requests are to be addressed to ARQA Technologies Sales&Marketing Department: +7 (383) 219-16-19, sales@arqa.ru.

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