QUIK gateway to the new WSE’s trading system - UTP has been certified by the exchange

15 november 2012

Trading Interface to the new WSE’s trading system - UTP has been developed by ARQA Technologies as part of its QUIK configuration. The trading interface was certified at the Warsaw Stock Exchange on November, 8, 2012.

The interface makes it possible to obtain market data from WSE and submit trading orders to the exchange.

is a fully functional front end trading platform built on a modular principle and easily adaptable to trading purposes of various financial market players and their clients.

Being a part of the QUIK software complex the new Interface allows its users access to sophisticated risk management tools that have been developed within QUIK.

There are four basic models of risk control that are widely employed in QUIK. The first is used for trading within the limits of one’s combined cash position. Another is applied for margin trading and dynamic evaluation of collateral. For positions in various instruments spread over markets and across settlement dates QUIK employs a SPAN-like approach. And, finally, there is a model of risk control that is particularly suitable for setting limits in proprietary trading.

Selection of risk management tools is determined by priorities of a particular client. A latency requirement is decisive in the choice between a full-scale pre-trade check and a fast pre-trade solution. There are time-tested risk management approaches suitable to retail brokers, HFT, ALGO traders and buy-side.

QUIK platform is highly scalable with a variety of specialized modules including OMSsupport of OTC broker’s quotationsclient reportingALGO trading and various analytical tools. ARQA Technologies is offering free testing of the Interface. For this purpose testing environment will be provided by the developer.

For all questions related to testing and buying, please contact the Sales and Marketing department at ARQA Technologies.

The Warsaw Stock Exchange is the biggest securities exchange in Central and Eastern Europe. The WSE organises trading on one of the most dynamically growing capital markets in Europe. The WSE operates a regulated market of shares and derivative instruments and the alternative stock market NewConnect for growing companies. The WSE is developing Catalyst, a market for issuers of corporate and municipal bonds, as well as an energy market. Since 9 November 2010, the WSE is a public company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. For more information visit http://www.gpw.pl/root_en.

ARQA Technologies is an ISV headquartered in Novosibirsk, Russia. Founded in 2000 it employs 120 people and has clients in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Cyprus and Estonia. The company offers a line of front-to-back solutions (front office QUIK, middle office midQORT and back office backQORT).With data centers in Novosibirsk, Moscow and Kiev the company provides its customers with ASP services.

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