QUIK “gateway” certified to offer access to London Stock Exchange trading system

20 january 2013

LSE trading interface developed by ARQA Technologies as part of its QUIK platform configuration, which offers access to trading on London Stock Exchange, has been certified by the exchange.

The interface is built around the FIX protocol – for receiving market data it uses the FIX Fast protocol and for order routing it uses the FIX London Stock Exchange protocol.

The existing interface allows for receipt of standard Level One market data quotes, as well as information about a participant’s own transactions. It is used for trading and obtaining drop copy of all trades executed by brokers and clients who do not need Level Two Quotes (such as “HFT” and “Algo” clients), and it allows implementation of pre-trade control of transactions.

The new interface offers brokers using the QUIK platform direct access to the London Stock Exchange matching engine. At the same time it will allow participants to employ pre-trade order checks developed in QUIK.

An additional solution from ARQA Technologies, called FIX2LSE, has also been certified by London Stock Exchange and is ready for use. The solution provides direct access to trading on London Stock Exchange for external software platforms bypassing the QUIK server.

Based on the exchange’s API, the FIX2LSE interface is the fastest in the product range of similar solutions (FIX2Markets) by ARQA Technologies. It also provides the ability to employ pre-trade control functions of the QUIK complex.

QUIK is a multifunctional, front-office trading platform built on a module principle and easily adjusted to tasks of various financial market participants and their clients. The platform allows trading in a multi-venue, multi-asset regime.

Nicolas Bertrand, Head of Equity and Derivatives Markets, London Stock Exchange Group, said:

“We are delighted that ARQA Technologies will be serving participants on our markets. Its experience providing efficient technology to financial services companies from around the world will further improve choice and connectivity on our markets.”

Vladimir Kurlyandchik, Director of Business Development of ARQA Technologies added:

"We are happy to work with LSE, which has provided high quality support to us throughout the implementation. We believe that our new QUIK connectivity will firmly meet the needs of existing clients, and will be an attractive technological solution to potential new clients as well."

ARQA Technologies is an independent software provider based in Novosibirsk, Russia. The Company was founded in 2000. Clients of ARQA Technologies include over 300 financial institutions from Russia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Great Britain and Estonia. The Company develops and presents a range of front-to-back solutions (front office QUIK, middle office midQORT and back office backQORT). The Company provides SaaS based on its data centers located in Novosibirsk, Moscow and Kiev.

For all questions please contact Sales and Marketing department of ARQA Technologies: +7 (383) 219–1619, sales@arqa.ru.

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