New versions of Module of smart order routing QUIK SOR — 4.1 and 4.2

14 july 2021

The released versions of the Module of smart order routing QUIK SOR acquired an option to view and edit the Module directories via the interface of the QUIK Administrator user rights’ editor. This innovation allows:

  • administering the Module in real time without direct access to its database,
  • restricting access to Module directories for specific users with separate rights to read or record.

Also, in the ‘Tenors’ directory, it has become possible to specify the number of days, weeks, months, and years of a settlement period.

Email notifications about a potentially incorrect state of Level II Quotes by SOR instruments can be sent via the Module when the following events occur after a usual update of quotes:

  • Level II Quotes by a SOR instrument has become empty (there are no quotes of any direction),
  • quotes are mixed in SOR Level II Quotes.

A new check was added for stopping attempts to forward an order to the liquidity source. If there are suitable counter quotes in the source but two consecutive attempts to execute the order in one platform result in the ‘Cancelled’ status of the order with its null volume execution, the attempts will be ceased with the further SOR order cancellation.

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