Release of a new version of the QUIK-server software — 5.0

25 september 2015

In the QUIK-server functionality you will find the following changes:

  • Improved handling of figures exceeding 2147483647 in some boxes/tables. 
  • Trade parameters update. This improvement allows to view cancelled trades. 
  • Improved algorithm for correct clearing of combined cash position accounts when clearing data from the Moscow Exchange trading system is delayed. 
  • Translation of a price range in the diagnostic message that appears when an order price does not match the acceptable range. 
  • A number of improvements were made in mechanisms translating parts of the system into English. 
  • Unification of messages returned by the system while executing stop-order operations.

Changes in the QUIK Administrator software:

  • Improved handling figures exceeding 2147483647 in reports and settings of the limit calculation library.
  • It is now possible to indicate English names of classes in the client’s terminal according to the language chosen in the interface.
  • A system user can set the right to upload positions in instruments that have no descriptions on the QUIK-server.
  • There are modifications in editing a list of clients available for market users. Starting from this version two client lists will be indicated: client codes that are present in all market classes and those ones that are present in some market classes. 
The QMonitor software acquired the functionality to load and recalculate limits via the QMonitor API interface.

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