New version of QUIK server software — 9.6

22 june 2022

The main changes in the released version of the QUIK server software relate to the Limit calculation library (LCL) functionality:

  • For the clients, for which the ‘MD+’ positions keeping scheme is used in combination with the Unified cash position module for spot and derivatives markets, the server software controls and takes account of operations with premium-style equity options on the Moscow Exchange.
  • Changes were made in checking market orders – when there is no counter quote to block funds for the market order, a non-zero value of the last trade or closing price is used.
  • There is a new setting ‘Assets in different currencies in MD+ sets’ which allows instruments denominated in various currencies to be included into sets.
  • The software version supports trading system commission values for OCBR, OCBU, OCTR, OCTU classes.

Also, there is a number of improvements in the QUIK Administrator user rights’ editor related to its better usability:

  • The ‘Users’ dictionary has the following changes:
    — only one dictionary can be opened,
    — if the total number of users in the dictionary, when opening it, exceeds the value set in the settings, the directory will be split into pages with further download of data from the first page. This includes a possibility to search and filter the users by parameters.
  • If a digital signature is used in the report on transactions, the report displays additional information on parameters of the certificate used to sign the transaction.
  • In two-factor authentication settings, QUIK Android X and iQUIK X user applications are referred to as ‘X Terminals’. It is possible to set the ‘Trading authentication’ scenario for them.

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