New version of QUIK server software — 9.2

13 january 2022

The main changes of the new version of the QUIK server software relate to the Limit calculation library (LCL) functionality:

  • The ‘Groups of instruments and classes’ setting was added which allows grouping classes and different instruments. These groups can be used to set commissions in templates and global settings.
  • A setting was added which allows deactivating commission accounting when confirming a trade for execution with postponed settlements.
  • When using the ‘Commission write-off currency’ setting, it has become possible to specify the trading system commission currency.
  • For REPO-M orders forwarded with a specified volume, the purchasing power is now checked on the basis of the specified amount of REPO. Previously, the volume for reservation was calculated on the basis of the price and quantity in the order.
  • There are expanded possibilities to set a commission for REPO modes. In particular, the following settings were added: ‘Repo commission per day by classes’ and ‘Repo commission scale by classes’.
  • The clients using the MD+ scheme acquired a possibility to use the ‘Accounts of unified securities position’ setting.

It has also become possible to start the QUIK server in the position rolling mode. When using this mode, the QUIK server automatically rolls over client positions from the previous trading day to the current one. The positions are rolled over in accordance with settlement dates with account of preset chains of limit types.

Besides that, the QUIK Administrator user rights’ editor acquired a function to set automatic disconnection from the server on expiration of the preset time of user inactivity.

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