New version of QUIK server software — 8.3

13 december 2019

The main changes in the new version of the QUIK server relate to functionality of the limit calculation library (LCL):

  • The commission setting functionality acquired an option to create user templates. Instead of client codes, the list of UIDs is specified in the new templates. The commission settings of such templates will be applied to accrue a commission for ‘Voice’ orders.
  • The logic was changed to check cash position availability by client codes. Now the client transactions are not unconditionally rejected when there is no cash position involved in the operation. The purchasing power for such operations is checked if the missing position is zero. This innovation allows substantially reducing the number of cash positions downloaded to the QUIK server.

As part of improvements for support of GOST R 57580.1−2017 information security requirements for the financial sector, it is prohibited to simultaneously connect several QMonitor programs by using one UID.

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