New version of QUIK server software — 8.11

8 december 2020

The main changes in the new version of the QUIK server relate to the limit calculation library functionality, in particular:

  • it has become possible to set a market risk rate level depending on the securities evaluation class (for example, when a set unified cash position between the Moscow and Saint-Petersburg exchanges’ markets requires the use of different market risk rate levels for instruments of different markets),
  • there is an expanded functionality to set time limits on order prices,
  • when recalculating limits on the client position, the system saves the result of the current balance correction,

  • new settings were added to limit operations of the specified volume and the settlement currency with the specified counterparty and the REPO term,
  • for REPO operations, it has become possible to accrue commissions in the currency different from the settlement currency.

Also, when using two-factor authentication, alerts can be sent about the password change.

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