New version of QUIK server software — 7.1.3

20 november 2018

The new version of the QUIK server supports processing of cash values with accuracy over two decimal figures. Now the allowed accuracy range includes from 0 up to 8 decimal figures.

Besides that, the new version has a number of improvements in the limit calculation library:

Two new settings were added to the ‘By discounts’ scheme for position keeping:

  • Activation of the first setting allows taking no account of non-margin currencies in collateral. In some cases this makes it possible not to ban some operations, for example, conversion of one non-margin currency into another non-margin currency for certain user’s margin indicators.
  • The second setting deactivates margin check for operations that reduce multidirectional currency positions with the same discount.

An option was added to ban any operations that change positions by currency with a not explicitly downloaded cash position. Thus, it is now possible to fully ban operations for assets traded in a specified currency.

For templates ‘By commission’ and ‘By leverage’ several values can be specified in the field ‘Include clients with leverage value in template’. In some cases the improvement will allow reducing a number of templates by not using duplicate templates (that could be required for solving some tasks).

An option was implemented that in some cases allows reducing volume of funds reserved for an order. The option can be applied to trading classes where it is impossible to use a large number of trades for execution of one order.

The functionality to allow/ban counterparties and settlement codes for REPO/negotiated trades now includes an option to specify an operation direction and maximum REPO period.

The option ‘Charge commission on accrued interest’ is now set by trading classes.

A list of allowed trading accounts may be set in addition to a list of banned trading accounts which is adjusted for particular users.

The QUIK Administrator software acquired the following improvements:

When using authentication of the ‘Active Directory’ type (by name and password stored in the network domain-controller), one domain login may be linked to several QUIK users.

The ‘Login’ column was added to the ‘Users’ directory.

In modal dialogues ‘List of users’, ‘List of organizations’, ‘Choice of instrument class’, and ‘Choice of news agencies’ settings for filtering, sorting, and conditional formatting are saved after the dialogue is closed, and automatically applied next time a dialogue of the same type is opened.

An operation confirmation window pops up when importing user rights. This allows reducing the risk of copying user rights by mistake.

The search dialogue is not automatically closed after finding the first value, making it possible to resume the search.

Any number of conditions may be generated in dialogues for setting filters and conditional formatting.

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