New version of QUIK server software 5.7.1

26 january 2017

ARQA Technologies released a new version of QUIK server software 5.7.1.

The new version supports correct buying power calculation and accounting in clients’ positions for operations with a new instrument of the Moscow Exchange FX market — USDRUB_DIS which is planned to be traded at discrete auctions from the 16th of January 2017. A new ‘Interchangeable instruments’ option was added for position accounting when using a so-called ‘instrument’ scheme. Linking USD000UTSTOM and USDRUB_DIS instruments will allow taking in account USDRUB_DIS operations in USD000UTSTOM positions.

A new option ‘Commission currency’ allows specifying the currency of commission for a broker and a trading system. This makes it possible to charge commission in roubles for trades settled in a foreign currency.

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