New version of QUIK server software 5.6.0

21 december 2016

ARQA Technologies released a new version of the QUIK server 5.6.0.

The new version acquired an additional functionality of ‘soft’ limits allowing to set restrictions for order price and volume, available securities, parameters of negotiated and REPO operations. First of all, this functionality is intended for desks of banks, sell- and buy-side companies (monitoring of own position operations).

The restrictions may be set by a company, a client (client’s code) and by separate instruments or their groups. The operating principle of the functionality is that when an additional ‘soft’ restriction is breached a warning message is shown on the QUIK Workstation with a list of breached restrictions. This message suggests a user cancelling a forwarded order, ignoring a breach and forwarding the order or postponing a decision on this order with the possibility to revert to its later forwarding.

The use of ‘soft’ limits does not preclude parallel setting and applying of standard ‘hard’ limits. In this case the QUIK server first checks the latter restrictions and if they are not breached the server checks ‘soft’ restrictions. The new ‘soft’ limits functionality is supported by QUIK Workstation 7.6.

The new version of the QUIK server was also implemented with risk control (portfolio collateral calculation) for operations with futures on SWAP instruments of the Moscow Exchange.

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