New QUIK server software 5.2.3 released

27 january 2016

The main improvements of the new QUIK server software version were made in the risk management functionality.

For fat-finger checks order forwarding is banned when the order’s volume exceeds the specified percentage of a day average turnover by an instrument over a certain period. This functionality can be applied to all markets and all trading modes available on the broker’s QUIK server.

Also it became possible to adjust limits for negotiated and REPO orders forwarding on chosen counterparties and by specified settlement codes for a chosen list of negotiated trade modes.

A number of changes were made to optimize control of non-trade instructions. Now the server controls neither margin indicators when transferring money between accounts of one client nor subbroker’s position when transferring funds between his clients.

The new QUIK server allows evaluating positions denominated in the currency different from the settlement currency (by a dynamic or a static cross rate). There is a possibility to set a static cross rate for specified classes.

Moreover, while clients use Unified cash position module, now the server is able to calculate clearing variation margin. This improvement can be very helpful while working on international derivative markets. The calculated variation margin is shown in the “Positions of clients’ accounts” and “Limits by clients’ accounts ” tables.

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