New version of QUIK server software — 5.1

17 november 2015

The following changes have been introduced in the QUIK server functionality:

  • Loading ‘one cancel other’ orders of blocked users and users with expired powers of attorney at server start. Execution terms for such orders are not checked but when a power of attorney is extended or a user is unblocked, a manager or the user himself may launch the control procedure from the QUIK Workstation.
  • Optimized limit loading at QUIK server start that will help reduce considerably the time to process files with a big number of limits.
The QUIK Administrator software acquired the mode to view limit calculation library settings.

Changes in the limit calculation library functionality:

  • Optimized logic of ’Instruments with a limited use for collateral’ setting. This setting may now be applied to margin securities only.
  • The new ’Additional classes for portfolio evaluation’ setting will allow to extend the main classes list for portfolio evaluation without changing it completely.
  • When an instrument is traded in several classes, then choosing the instrument price, the current status of the instrument session may be taken into account for evaluation. When the instrument session is closed in one class, the evaluation price of the instrument in the class with an open session will be taken into account.

  • The time period when order prices are not checked for ‘short’ operations may be indicated in settings.
  • Collateral may now include the instruments where ’closing price‘ is not translated but ’last trade price‘ is present.
  • In order to prevent negative margin level there is a change in risk accounting for currency position discounting while checking if a client has enough cash in the credit scheme ’By leverage’.
  • Starting from this version the current discounts will be analyzed when orders are sent at currency markets with the scheme for calculation of cash limits. It will allow without monitoring limits to send orders which reduce the position by currency with a large discount value.
  • The functionality is extended with ’Reject orders for trading account not tied to client’s code‘ option. The unified cash position module of spot and derivative markets will not allow sending orders from derivative market accounts unless there is a connection to the client code at spot market.
  • ’Withdraw balance taking into account additional limits‘ option now also functions in instructions where a fixed sum is specified.

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