New version of QUIK server software — 11.0

17 october 2023

The main changes in the released version of the QUIK server software relate to the Limit calculation library (LCL) functionality:

  • It supports calculation of REPO operations with open dates, in which the execution period of the second part is not predetermined. When sending transactions, these operations will be accounted in positions in the same way as REPO orders with a period of 360 days. Commission calculation for REPO trades with open date will be performed based on the term of 1 day.
  • In the settings ‘Restrictions on order prices’ and ‘Restrictions on order prices Using credit’, it has become possible to specify bid and offer prices as the center of the range. Also, the restrictions set by these settings are no longer checked when REPO trades are confirmed by reports.

A number of improvements were also made in the QUIK Administrator user rights’ editor:

  • Information on user editing the LCL settings was added to the ‘Active users’ dictionary.
  • When viewing the audit log, it is possible to show only changed parameters. Also, ‘Type’, ‘Subtype’ and ‘Extended marks’ parameters can be decoded when viewing changes in the class dictionary.

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