New version of QUIK REPO module — 1.2

13 february 2024

The released version of the QUIK REPO module has the following improvements:

  • There is full support for ‘NDM’, ‘Negdeal REPO’ and ‘Modified REPO’ modes.
  • It has become possible to transfer data from directories of the Broker quotation system to the Module’s directories.
  • There are improvements in the functionality to work with bonds, which include:
  • — a possibility to add bonds with a face value currency different from the trading one,
    — the work with bonds with an indexed face value,
    — a new ‘ACI values’ directory which allows setting the ACI value for bond on a specific date,
    — calculation of ACI considering the bond basis.

  • It has become possible to fill directories by using the Directory Storage and Distribution module
  • The module supports new modes for cross trade checks, which make it possible to prohibit users from matching orders between clients of the same firm, between the same client of different firms and between the same client of the same firm.
  • There is a ‘Price restrictions’ directory which can be used to set price restrictions for negotiated orders and quotes.
  • It has become possible to update data in directories of the Module without its restart.

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