New version of ARQA OMS — 4.0

26 september 2017

ARQA Technologies released its latest software suite of ARQA OMS — 4.0.

Among principal new features of the system — setting up OMS classes for operations with various instruments, pre-trade control of operations in the OMS classes, direct client access to the system via QUIK Workstation and FI operations.

Following the changes introduced into the system it now supports:

  • OMS-classes for various asset types, allowing transactions with assets having different trading and settlement rules as well as enabling users with rights of handling different asset types.
  • Pre-trade control applied to various OMS-classes. The client’s position is put on hold at OMS-order registration while the money is transferred at booking. Previously, limit checks (for counterparty, cash and instruments in the position) were performed only prior to the execution stage.
  • Direct access of broker clients to the OMS system enabling them to forward, cancel and review their orders in the tables of QUIK Workstation.
  • FI trading. Requisite bond parameters have been introduced to the tables of OMS-orders and linked trades. Bond reference data are downloaded to OMS from the ‘System of Broker Quotations’.
  • Option of fully automatic execution mode for OMS-orders. The alternative mode provides Sales and Trader with an opportunity to select execution options including that of automatic execution.
  • Combining two roles — Sales and Trader into one for a sole user of the system.

A number of introduced elaborations improved the efficiency of order processing and lifted restrictions from business processes that became apparent in the course of operations:

  • For orders transmitted to the OMS via FIX, registration as ‘sell short’ orders. The orders of this type are listed in the table with the tag ‘Short sale’ and may be forwarded to another OMS along with the tag.
  • Support for OMS-orders of GTD and GTC types in OMS2OMS configuration.
  • Booking of OMS-orders is available for Sales and Middle officer prior to completion of order execution by Trader.
  • Possibilities to cancel OMS-orders if a related automatically forwarded order has not been executed and to change cross rate on the OMS-order form with corresponding rate adjustment in all related ОТС-orders.

The latest version also includes:

  • ‘Available quantity’ parameter in the OMS-order table denoting the quantity awaiting to be sent to execution adjusted for the amount of already executed and working orders.
  • A new alert type — a warning (modal window, blinking line in the OMS-order table or sound alert) whenever it is impossible to send a linked order in the automatic mode.

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