New version of Module of electronic execution of sales QUIK EES — 2.18

21 october 2020

The main changes in the new version of the Module of electronic execution of sales QUIK EES relate to one-way OTC reporting:

  • Session status control was improved for EES instruments — a session of an EES instrument opens automatically after the session of a linked OTC instrument is opened.
  • OTC orders, that were not executed during the specified timeout, can be automatically cancelled by using the ‘Cancel OTC order if fill timeout elapsed’ setting, and in such cases, sending EES trades to the server can be blocked by the ‘Hold EES trade till OTC order filled’ setting.

Besides that, there are the following improvements:

  • Coverage of an accumulated position can be done in the QUIK workstation — it has become possible to change a number of lots for coverage and activate/deactivate the functionality with the help of a special transaction. The Module’s restart is not required.
  • There is a possibility to specify OTC requisites per OTC instruments. It allows setting the OTC reporting for instruments with different settlement terms.
  • The trading calendar has a new option to set a non-trading days schedule for EES instruments.

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