New QUIK workstation 7.8.1 released

9 february 2017

The main changes in the version have been prompted by the expanded functionality of OMS Manager Module that called for workstation support. With the latest workstation:

  • such users as Trader and Middle-officer may alter the following OMS-order parameters: ‘settlement code’, ‘trade book’, ‘trader’

  • while an OMS-order has a current status it is possible to change its client identification and ‘the book’ even though some trades tied to the OMS-order have taken place

  • the entry forms for OTC trades and bookings may display ‘settlement price’ and ‘settlement volume’ parameters with applicable commissions

  • given that Module settings contain cross references between the principal currency and its decimal unit (e.g. GBX/GPB) the cross rate is established automatically.

The new version is also free of some functional inconsistences in displaying client portfolio parameters that cropped up during live operation.

To see the full list of changes made in QUIK Workstation 7.8.1.

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