QUIK Workstation 7.7

20 january 2017

A new version is out for the principal user application of QUIK, which is QUIK Workstation 7.7.

The distinguishing feature of the latest workstation is automatic replacement of derivative instruments (futures and options) that are close to their expiration with instruments of matching parameters and later expiration dates. By default, the terminal will inform the user one day before the expiration of a MOEX derivatives market contract and will suggest replacing the expiring contract while displaying it in tables and on charts by another one with equivalent parameters.

The new version is capable to apply a separate settlement currency for every client portfolio. Thanks to this feature, client portfolios may now be calculated separately in rubles and another currency like US dollars.

It is now possible to send alerts from terminal tables by ‘hot keys’. One has only to select a required line in the table and press ‘Alt+Ctrl+A’ in order to trigger a message in the terminal or ‘Alt+Ctrl+S’ for a short text message.

Broker and bank managers might appreciate a few features in the version. There is an option of background calculation to optimize computation of portfolio parameters for a large number of client accounts. When used together with the specialized workstation of multi-broker service the form of broker order displays the name automatically based on the selected client code.

LUA scripts now permit identifying the user following order cancellation while the function ‘CandleExist()’ calls for a price gap (‘candle’) on the chart.

To see the full list of changes made in QUIK Workstation 7.7.

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