New version of QUIK Workstation — 7.6

5 december 2016

The QUIK workstation supported additional ‘soft’ limits for order parameters introduced in the server component of version 5.6. The user with a special right to ‘Ignore additional limits’ may choose on receiving a limit breaching alert whether to cancel the order in question, go ahead with execution or postpone such a decision. The function of ‘soft’ limits is designated first and foremost for desks of banks and investment companies.

In all types of alerts it has become possible for users to add comments and use mp3 for audio alerts. Alerts about breaches of price range preset by a user may be ignored when the latter forwards an order.

Another improvement in this version is that trading operations are graphically supported with a new ‘Ruler’ instrument which allows measuring percentage of change, number of intervals and time between two points on graph.

To see the full list of changes made in QUIK Workstation 7.6.

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