ARQA Technologies released QUIK Workstation 7.4

2 september 2016

The latest version of the principal user application in QUIK is QUIK Workstation 7.4.

The latest software version has most notably expanded its option trading functionality. The ‘Options board’ in QUIK acquired a number of features for easy set up and comfortable use.

The main changes embrace:

  • A new tool bar in the table for quick selection of an option series displayed in the “Options board’,
  • The option type (put or call) added to the instrument code in the Options board,
  • The central strike which may now be highlited,
  • Greeks from the options table,
  • The ‘Options board’ may be linked to the ‘Current trades’ table with the help of a standard linking mechanism to allow selection of the base asset of the board from the ‘Current trades’ table,
  • ‘Ctrl+N’ key combination allows reproduction of current settings for other options.

The tables ‘Account state’ and ‘Client portfolio’ have been modified:

  • The new parameter template ‘Futures’ of the ‘Account status’ table displays clients’ position parameters on futures market even in the case when the Module for unified cash position is not used,
  • The table ‘Client portfolio’ acquired copying function by means of ‘Ctrl+N’ key combination,
The new negative denotation in the ‘Status’ column of the ‘Client portfolio’ table is displayed for ‘Unified cash position’ clients which use the ‘discount’ scheme of position keeping but have positions on the futures market only and this denotation allows excluding such clients from margin call dispatch list of the risk manager for spot market CoLibri.

Graph support for trading has included such shapes as rectangles, ellipses and triangles.

Integration functionality was extended to include DDE export to MS Excel in Polish while QLUA may receive data from ‘Commitments and claims on assets’ for FX market.

Other improvements include:

  • order entry form generated from the ‘Transactions’ table with parameters filled like in the previous order to save time through adjusting only those that differ,
  • data transmitted from MOEX FX market incorporating ‘Interproduct spreads’ table,
  • the ‘Market risk parameters’ table with two additional items – ‘Risk rate for rate decrease’ and ‘Risk rate for rate increase’,
  • ‘Settlement account’ added to the ‘Trading accounts’ table.

Brokers may find useful the following information – the ‘Client portfolio’ table with preliminary settings in place but excluding Firm and Client code data may now be saved in the general configuration settings. This may help simplify settings for new clients when they are first provided with the QUIK Workstation kit.

The full list of changes in QUIK Workstation 7.4.

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