ARQA Technologies released a new version of principal user application — QUIK Workstation — 7.23

23 november 2018

The new version of the QUIK Workstation supports settings of the QUIK server software to specify cash accuracy (number of decimal figures). It has become possible to set accuracy for currency accounting from 0 up to 8 decimal figures.

The extended functionality is available for tables in the QUIK Workstation — arbitrary table areas may be selected and copied to the clipboard by clicking CTRL button.


The data from the ‘Instrument information’ table may also be copied to the clipboard.

The restriction on number of conditions was removed from dialogues of user filters and conditional formatting for all columns of all tables. It has become possible to set more than three conditions, that allows setting various filters and colors of tables.


In the new version of the QUIK Workstation a tooltip pops up after a mouse cursor is placed on the table box if the latter does not display all information.


Besides that, a new setting of the ‘Options board’ table allows unconditional display of a central quote by using the option ‘Central strike always visible’. Another new option ‘Automatically take specified volatility from system’ allows choosing between volatility transmitted from a trading system, and volatility specified by user. When enabling this option, the system saves values specified by user and there is no need to reenter them after the option is deactivated.

The full list of changes made in QUIK Workstation 7.23.

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