New version of QUIK Workstation 7.2 released

11 april 2016

The main changes made in the new version of QUIK Workstation are connected with improvements in the current terminal tables:

  1. The functionality of the table ‘Client’s portfolio’ has been expanded:

    — to monitor risk parameters of derivative market on behalf of clients that do not use a combined cash position for spot and derivative markets;
    — to exclude clients from the general list of the table with the help of ‘Client filter file’.

  2. Now filters and conditional formatting are indicated in the table by active icons which allow editing or current settings disabling when clicking on them.

  3. To fasten opening some table types (tables for orders, trades, cash and securities limits) during records generation a preset number is checked whether it is exceeded.

  4. The ‘Obligations and requirements by assets’ table was implemented with ‘Ingoing obligations’ and ‘Ingoing requirements’ parameters.

  5. The table ‘Trading accounts’ has got a new trading account status with a filtering capacity – ‘Blocked for trading’.

Other functionalities of the new version:

  1. In the ‘Trader’s massages’ table now there is a possibility to open links by clicking on them.

  2. The ‘Security information’ window has the ‘’ field which may display the link to the broker’s website page with information on the security.

  3. By means of the QLUA program language it has become possible to get a visible number of iceberg-order lots form the order table.

  4. A call for help (F1 button) opens information menu in the language of the program’s interface.

Moreover, some defects of the previous versions were corrected.

The full list of changes made in QUIK Workstation 7.2.

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