Update of principal QUIK user terminal — QUIK workstation— 7.14

20 september 2017

Main developments in the latest version of QUIK workstation have to do with wider functionality of graphical analysis:

  • The instrument panel on the main workstation screen acquired mark point control functions.
  • Charts have optional text inserts, graph icons, coordinates, or Fibonacci levels.
  • Trend lines of adjustable width and color may be fitted on selected timeframes.
  • Settings of trend lines, mark points and Fibonacci figures may be saved in a template.

A number of workstation tables encompass additional functions:

  • The context menu of the ‘Current trades’ table provides access to ‘Session control’ transaction available for OTC instruments.
  • The table ‘Client account restrictions’ displays new types of restrictions of MOEX derivatives market (projected available resources and projected collateral).
  • ‘Connected windows’ mode involving “Client portfolio” and “Orders’ tables display both equity and derivative market orders (when the broker’s configuration includes the Unified cash position module for spot and derivative markets).

The user with manager rights has access to the new tables:

  • ‘Trader information’ with permission or ban of trading for a gate or trader identifier on securities and FX markets of Moscow exchange.
  • ‘Transaction ban’ with data on accounts with a transaction ban (position opening, trading, opening positions to sell) on Moscow Exchange’s derivatives market.

Manual and Distribution kit of QUIK Workstation 7.14

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