Latest version of principal QUIK user terminal — QUIK Workstation — 7.13

22 august 2017

The principal new feature of the version is support of ‘Unified collateral pool' project of Moscow Exchange. The workstation functionality acquired the table ‘NCC transfers’ containing technological transactions generated by the trading system for settlement code operations.

The ‘Execution mode’ parameter in the order table acquired a new value: ‘Additional trading session’.

There are two new values for ‘Type of trade’ box in the order table: ‘Parent trade for SWAP’ and ‘Parent trade for address SWAP’.

The table of market maker operations ‘Full obligations of market maker on equity and FX markets’ was extended to include new parameters.

The new workstation has new options for interacting with QUIK OMS:

  • the OTC trade form for FX trades has a settlement code for an instrument selected in Broker Quotation System popping up by default;
  • the OMS-order registration and execution form supports standard functions of ‘hot key’ entry value designated as ‘K’ and “M’;
  • the OMS-Manager Module of versions 3.10 and higher has a wider range of audio notifications for OMS-orders.

Manual and Distribution kit of QUIK Workstation 7.13

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