‘New in QORT’ digest for the fourth quarter of 2020 released

12 february 2021

The digest presents the most important improvements in products based on the QORT software platform, made in the 4th quarter of 2020.

The middle-office midQORT and back-office backQORT support settlements for bonds, non-exchange FX forwards on international financial markets, and automated accounting of discrepancies during calculation via Euroclear.

All reports of non-credit financial organizations in the XBRL format now can be generated in backQORT without data conversion in external software. The system was also supplemented with a new ‘Portfolio NAV change report’ and an option for trade aggregation by more complex criteria. Besides that, new features were provided to aggregate trades and non-trade operations thereby significantly reducing costs of clearing organizations’ commissions.

The middle-office of an asset management company capQORT supports import of limits via the intermediate database and new features to forward orders via the ‘Depth of market’ table. When clicking on a quote, an order is generated with the trade’s prefilled execution price and direction.

The full text of the digest may be found in Publications or downloaded in PDF via the link.

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