Improvements in QORT products made in November, 2021

6 december 2021

We offer to your attention the main improvements in solutions based on the QORT software platform.

General improvements in QORT platform


  • In case of unified cash position keeping for spot and derivatives markets during reconciliation with the ‘Trades report’ on the Moscow Exchange FX Market (CUX23) and ‘Clearing report’ (CCX03) of the Moscow Exchange, the system automatically determines the right subaccount to reconcile by the asset kind.
  • Due to changes (dated 25 October 2021) in the format of the SEM03 exchange report, the reconciliation with this report excludes reporting records for terminated REPO trades.

Spot Market Risk Management

  • The Spot Market Risk Management module provides an additional funds adequacy check for calculations for trades. When the check is activated for chosen subaccounts in the terminal menu or by schedule, the total amount of cash balances on physical accounts is reconciled with the amount of liabilities which are to be calculated on the current date. If the available cash balance in any of the currencies is not enough to calculate current liabilities in this currency, a margin call is generated and the information on this event is sent to a risk manager by email.

Automated back-office backQORT


  • An option was added to perform a control check of business partners and related persons by requirements of the Federal Financial Monitoring Service over a period. This allows comparing lists to check by requirements of the Federal Financial Monitoring Service dated on different dates of the specified period with changes in details of business partners in the system over this period independently of the chronology of these changes. After the check, a report is generated.


  • The system can calculate not only commissions but also bonuses. In this case, a writing off operation is generated instead of the accrual operation.

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