New in QORT

15 june 2021

We offer to your attention the main improvements made in solutions based on the QORT software platform.

Module of integration with API NSD

  • Data on values calculated by methodologies of NSD Valuation Center can be imported to the system.
  • When uploading reference information via the Module, the ‘Resident’ feature is automatically set for business partners, which are issuers.
  • The system can automatically fill in the business partner’s card by using data on the organization intended for regulatory reports and received from the Bank of Russia database. This method is an alternative to reconciliation with a data file from the Bank of Russia website.

Automated back-office backQORT:

Tax Accounting:

  • There is support for changes in the Russian Federation tax code in relation to a progressive taxation scale.
  • It has become possible to write off PIT for coupon interest during redemption of the coupon.

Client Instructions Accounting:

  • It is possible to create trade orders with a specified volume and a maximum execution price. A broker executes such an order at the maximum price specified in the order or at the best price.
  • There is a possibility to automatically match trades to roll over positions with global clients’ instructions.
  • A new option in a printed non-trade instruction form allows specifying a representative not only of a legal entity but also of a physical person.
  • In the global instruction card, it is possible to specify an analytical account which combines clients’ subaccounts on different trading venue sections. This allows automatic matching of one general global instruction with different types of trades. Data on the analytical account for global instructions can be uploaded by using the Web-services integration module.

Non-trade Operations:

  • For assets of the ‘Security’ type, an accuracy can be set to account the position corrections for securities and to display the position size. The accuracy can be set manually or by using the intermediate database. The ‘Number of decimal figures’ parameter can be set only for some assets whereas corrections and positions for the rest of assets will be displayed without a fractional part (in round figures).
  • To calculate financial performance for a non-trade operation to deposit securities with an unknown purchase price of the asset (for example, if the security was purchased for a client by another broker), the asset’s withdrawal/deposit price can be used. This parameter is filled in when clicking on the ‘WA. position price and ACI’ button.


  • When generating a report on a portfolio value change over the period, it is possible to choose a source of prices used for asset evaluation.

Other Improvements:

  • If an order for registration of new client on the Moscow Exchange is made on a non-working day, the system automatically postpones the registration to the next working day.
  • Numbers of trades’ contracts can be specified as a primary document for a group of trades.

Middle-office of an asset management company capQORT:

General Improvements:

  • To speed up data uploading from the server and to increase the capQORT terminal’s processing speed, an option was added which allows starting a light version of the ‘Portfolio organizer’ interface. When working with instructions, some data and context menu items are not available in this version. The user can make settings in the system terminal.
  • In all negotiated trading modes, it has become possible to manually edit settlement codes for trades if necessary.

Pool Orders:

  • A setting was added which allows specifying a number of instrument in lots or units when forwarding a pool order. The measure (lots, units) is explicitly specified in the order placement form.

Limit Control:

  • If default risk levels assigned by various rating agencies to an issuer or a specified emission differ, both the best and the worst rating of the given rating scales can be used during limit control by rating of issuers or emissions.

Position Keeping:

  • To deactivate synchronization of positions with QUIK for specified accounts, it is possible to combine arbitrary capQORT subaccounts into an analytical account with deactivation of position synchronization for this analytical account.

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