Improvements in QORT products made in July, 2021

23 august 2021

We offer to your attention the main improvements in solutions based on the QORT software platform which were made in July, 2021.

Middle-office of an asset management company capQORT

External reports request module:

The functionality of the External reports request module has become available for capQORT and it has two main usage scenarios:

  • generation of arbitrary reports,
  • the building of integrations with external systems.

Module of integration with Cbonds Database:

For the more precise typing of bonds during their import from the Cbonds database, an option was added to use a country of the issuer’s registration.


  • There is a new limit on bonds’ yield (minimum/maximum). The bonds’ effective yield to maturity/offer is calculated online depending on the order price and compared to a preset value.
  • There is a new type of asset grouping ‘By groups of issuers and cash on their accounts’ which allows combining assets and cash during the limit control.


  • A pool order to buy a futures-style option and a future, when forwarded via the intermediate database (IDB), makes it possible to calculate the maximum order volume for the asset with account of a reserved collateral and liabilities of future periods.
  • It has become possible to upload subaccounts for baskets of assets to ‘Assets’ and ‘History of assets’ tables via the IDB.

Other Improvements:

  • To calculate ACI for bonds, the system acquired additional calculation bases: 30E+/360 and 30/360 ISDA.
  • For OTC pool orders, it is now possible to specify the amount of securities in fractional numbers.

Automated back-office backQORT

System Usability:

  • Substring search is available for ‘Country code’, ‘Region’, ‘City’ fields, when creating or editing a business partner.

Other Improvements:

  • A new ‘Adequacy level of funds’ parameter was added to the ‘Report on portfolio value change’ table.
  • When creating/editing a business partner, the ‘Region’ and ‘City’ parameters can be filled in independently. Also, these parameters can be separately imported via the IDB.
  • The users have a possibility to create new types of client documents. Such documents cannot be formed in printed forms. The system does not analyze whether they are available for the client.

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