QDealing is a new service by ARQA Technologies for search of liquidity and execution of OTC trades

18 july 2022

In response to the current needs of financial market participants, ARQA Technologies announces the launch of a new service for execution of OTC trades — QDealing.

This service is used for indication of an interest to buy/sell as well as for negotiations and execution of OTC trades with financial instruments.

QDealing is mainly focused on sell-side professional participants using the front-office QUIK platform. And it can be used to work with all key asset classes supported in QUIK.

End users of the service are professional participants’ employees who can work with Qdealing via the convenient and already used terminal — QUIK workstation.


The operating principle of the service is that indicative quotes are forwarded to QDealing (Fig.1) and then can be viewed by all service users. If there is a counter interest in indicative quotes, negotiated counter orders are sent to QDealing. They allow the counterparties to individually negotiate terms of the trade and fix relevant parameters (Fig.2).


Fig.1 Quote placement form


Fig.2 Negotiated order placement form

Qdealing has the following important features:

  • a wide range of instruments available for trading (bonds, Russian and foreign shares),
  • a possibility to execute trades in the ‘NDM trades with CCP’ trading mode of the Moscow Exchange, which makes settlements easier and reduces a counterparty risk,
  • easy service integration into the current infrastructure and business processes.

QDealing has already been tested by major professional participants and then put into ‘live’ operation. Recently, the first trade was executed in the service. It was a trade with preferred shares of Mechel between the Bank ‘Sinara’ and the Investment Bank ‘Renaissance Capital’.

Now all users of the QUIK platform can use the service completely free of charge.

For more information about the functionality of QDealing, testing terms and connection, please contact the Sales and Marketing Department of ARQA Technologies: +7 (383) 2191619, sales@arqatech.com.

Vladimir Kurlyandchik, Head of Business Development, ARQA Technologies: «Traditionally, our company has been closely following the needs of professional participants and we are glad that within a very limited time frame we were able to offer an industrial solution for indication of an interest and execution of OTC trades, much-needed in present day realities of the Russian financial market.

Since QDealing is developed on the basis of the QUIK infrastructure which is familiar to most of users, this allows, at no cost, including such trades in current technological processes of our clients.

A short-term plan for development of Qdealing is a fully functional chat to exchange text messages between market participants and a possibility to indicate the interest to a limited number of counterparties».

Igor Marich, Chief Executive Officer, CCP NCC, Moscow Exchange Group: «Today, professional market participants actively use possibilities of clearing with a central counterparty of OTC trades with derivatives and currency. Following our strategy, we continue to develop products for the OTC market. A new service by ARQA Technologies will make it possible to execute OTC trades with different asset classes supported in QUIK and to make settlements for them via CCP. This will significantly broaden the range of counterparties and reduce risks».

Dmitry Egorov, trader, Investment Bank ‘Renaissance Capital’: «At present, digitization and algorithmization of the securities exchange market has reached the point where even search of additional liquidity must meet high requirements from decision-making to trade execution. In our opinion, the creation of a unified technological solution, which allows consolidating offers from potential buyers and sellers of different financial assets in a standardized and transparent form, will be a logical supplement to the classical OTC market.

In view of the widespread use of the QUIK platform among professional participants and easy installation of a new functionality in already existing trading infrastructure, we are glad to support QDealing project focused on the task of searching liquidity in the OTC segment».

Andrey Aletdinov, Head of Directorate of investment business, PJSC ‘Bank Sinara’: «The partnership with ARQA Technologies improves execution of OTC trades, which will allow us to strengthen our positions on the OTC market by providing better service to our clients. This cooperation is in line with our strategy that is to introduce IT technologies and launch an electronic platform for provision of investment banking and wealth management services».

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