QUIK products support processing of cash values with accuracy different fromover two decimal

26 november 2018

ARQA Technologies has made improvements in the QUIK Software Package that allow operating with fractional cash values that exceed two digits after the decimal point (the allowed range covers up to 8 digits).

For most known currencies the smallest monetary unit of exchange is one hundredth of the base currency, and all calculations are made with accuracy of up to two decimal places. However, in case of some currencies it is appropriate to decrease or increase the accuracy. For example, only integer values are applied to the Japanese yen.

Change of accuracy in monetary units for a certain currency will be represented in QUIK products as follows:

  • money positions for such a currency will be calculated according to a specified accuracy,
  • for instruments traded for such a currency (including currency pairs with this currency), a number of parameters that display monetary units, will be shown in tables with a required accuracy.



The new features are supported in the following software versions:

To get consultations on software settings, please contact the QUIK support service: quiksupport@arqatech.com

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