Otkritie Securities Ltd. successfully launches FIX2LSE solution from ARQA Technologies

30 may 2013

The FIX2LSE product developed by ARQA Technologies has gone live after it was implemented and successfully launched by Otkritie Securities Limited (OSL).

The solution was developed on the basis of the London Stock Exchange’s Native Trading Gateway. It was certified by the exchange at the end of last year. The FIX2LSE solution is currently the fastest in the developer’s range of similar products (FIX2Markets). Along with all of the products in the range, FIX2LSE may be used for direct sponsored access of external software suites to exchange trading platforms. Another attractive feature of this solution is that it employs fast pre-trade checks developed in QUIK (for application of real-time pre-trade checks QUIK software is employed as a risk server.) Using this feature allows traders to save up to 50 μs on pre-trade checks preserving access to all of the prime-brokerage services provided by Otkritie Securities Limited.

This solution is especially important for OSL as a UK broker regulated by the FCA. The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) puts a lot of regulatory pressure on DMA brokers all over the EEA. Mandatory pre-trade checks are one of their requirements. FIX2LSE is a good solution that is both fast and ESMA compliant.

Sergey Sinkevich, Head of DMA at Otkritie Capital, said: “We are delighted to have implemented such an innovative product on our trading floor. The unique features of this solution will ensure that OSL continues to lead the market”.

Vladimir Kurlyandchik, Director of Business Development of ARQA Technologies, said: “We are pleased to see our efforts bringing value to our clients. Rapid solutions backed up by sound risk control provide a shortcut to successful trading”.

Otkritie Securities Limited (OSL) is the UK-based subsidiary of Otkritie Financial Corporation, one of the leading financial services providers in Russia, which has acted as a broker, asset manager, financial consultant and investment bank for its clients since 1995.

ARQA Technologies is an independent software provider of solutions for operating on financial markets. The company offers a range of front-to-back solutions (front-office QUIK, middle-office midQORT and back-office backQORT) as well as SaaS from its data-centres located in Novosibirsk, Moscow and Kiev. The clients of ARQA Technologies include over 300 banks, investment and asset management companies in various countries.

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