New OMS Manager module — version 4.6.0

17 august 2018

The latest functional developments introduced into OMS Manager comprise the following features:

  • There is an alternative approach of processing conversion transactions. Once FX Convertor module processed an exchange executed trade in accordance with an OMS order, the trade report for the OMS order transmits the price, volume and currency of trade from that conversion transaction. As for the cross rate, it is transmitted from the original exchange trade.
  • Execution of an OMS order on exchange may also involve a cross rate, which might be set between the exchange price of instrument and its settlement price. This setting would also require conversion of exchange trades in FX Convertor module. The new feature makes it possible to set a cross rate for every trade both in manual and automatic trading modes. It applies to trading on Moscow exchange where execution of OMS-orders for instruments with dollar settlement involves payment in Rubles.

  • There is a new mode of automated completion of filled OMS orders at the moment of cross rate change in the OMS order. The Trader would not have to transfer filled orders to Sales immediately but would have it done automatically only after the cross rate changes. The mode of automated completion of OMS orders may now be set individually per client.
  • There is more flexibility in boxes displayed on the OMS order entry form. Boxes, which are not required, may be switched off instead of being left by default. This visually simplifies order entry for Sales.
  • The OMS order form for group execution includes an option of setting a price of execution provided that all orders of the group are in one instrument. Otherwise, orders will be executed at market price.
  • The table of linked orders incudes the box ‘Algorithm’ for the name of the external algo used for that particular OMS order execution.

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