New version of OMS Manager Module released — 4.4

6 june 2018

The latest version of OMS Manager Module allows execution of several OMS orders on exchange simultaneously. The trader just needs to highlight several OMS orders in the table in order to forward them all at once for execution on exchange.   

Additional possibilities appeared for interaction with FIX clients:

  • An option ‘Send Done for Day’ was added to the context menu of  the OMS order table – Trader may now inform Client that order execution during this session had terminated without changing the status of OMS order into ’Filled’.
  • If a FIX client registers an OMS order of SellShort type and no direction qualifier was supplied by the trading system, all trades reported to the Client will be identified as SellShort type.

The internal audit system of the module started keeping track of the following events:

  • direct orders from Client to Trader in the workflow involving Sales,
  • all order cancellation requests from a FIX client,
  • an identification number of unlinked trade following ‘Unlink trade’ operation.

A number of introduced changes raised automation of OMS order processing:

  • automated booking of OMS orders on schedule,
  • a new automatic execution mode of Client’s order without participation of Sales or Trader.

It became possible to set SEDOL identification for OMS instruments.

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