New OMS Manager Module — version 4.3

27 march 2018

ARQA Technologies released a renovated version of OMS Manager Module that constitutes the backbone of ARQA OMS.

The latest release features additional functions for working with FIX-clients:

  • Trade reporting mode may be switched off right on the form of OMS-order in instances requiring order rejection or replacement. Thanks to this feature, clients will be receiving reports after executions have been finally approved by Sales.
  • A FIX-client wishing to cancel or modify its OMS-order may choose interacting directly with a Trader bypassing Sales so that orders get cancelled or modified immediately. In this mode of interaction, traders either confirm or reject such requests.

Additional features were introduced into the system for improved convenience of its users. Thus, Sales are expressly notified via their QUIK workstations whenever a Trader completes an OMS-order related transaction. OMS-order processing became accessible from the table of OMS-orders and may be carried out with ‘hot’ key combinations.

Additional events were included for tracking by the audit subsystem. Whenever a ‘modify or cancel’ order gets rejected within an OMS2OMS configuration, a reason for such rejection will be specified. A booking error is now followed by an explanatory message.

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