Release of a new version of Non-Trade Instructions Module 19.20

3 september 2015

The main innovation of the released version is a new operation mode that allows to confirm and process non-trade instructions only after a client enters one-time password received via SMS-message.

While working with this mode a user can choose when instruction flow should be halted till the password confirmation. The mode can be used only if Alert dispatch module is installed at the broker’s QUIK-server.

Other implementations:

  • Modified ‘Free form’ instructions. Now there is a set of standard fields and a screen tip that helps to fill them.
  • There is an option to encode passwords in the file of Module settings.
  • Indication of the code for instruction cancellation cause.
  • ‘Sum with commission’ field was added to ‘Cash transfer’ instructions to indicate broker’s commission. When order amount and commission amount are specified in different currencies, the field value is calculated with commission converting into the order currency with cross-rate specified by the QUIK-server. 
Also some defects of the 19.20 version were corrected.

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