New versions of program interfaces FIX adapter and FIXDropCopy released

17 november 2014

ARQA Technologies developed and released new versions of FIX adapter and FIXDropCopy interfaces — 3.25.1.

The latest interface versions allow sending the new type of message — Order Mass Status Request. The message allows to inquire about the status of all orders simultaneously through omission of separate orders’ identification.

With the new interfaces users may switch off the mode of repeat email messaging concerning failures to connect to the QUIK server or an external platform.

Interaction between program interface FIX adapter and OMS Manager has been functionally improved for reporting exchange executed OMS-orders. Now OMS-orders executed on exchange that required conversion into another currency (with the help of the FX Convertor module) may report additional parameters such as exchange rate, target currency and target currency amount. This has made the new form of report more convenient to interpret.

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