New version of webQUIK – universal and usable

1 december 2014

ARQA Technologies released the new webQUIK – 5.0.3.

webQUIK is a comprehensive trading terminal operating in an internet browser window. Following the latest trends of web-application development ARQA Technologies offeres its clients the new webQUIK user workplace with a completely redesigned interface.

The principal feature of the new webQUIK is its cross-browser compatibility. The web-application of QUIK now works with all popular browsers controlled by various operational systems.

Significant changes took place in the workplace interface of webQUIK. Behind the completely redesigned outlook there is also a new information delivery structure coupled with enhanced functional flexibility of screen zones, the prime focus being the heightened usability of the workplace.

Thus, the versatility and user convenience brought about by rich functionality have become the new development trend of QUIK web-application.

This is what the new version of webQUIK workplace looks like.

As displayed on the screenshot the redesigned interface delivers information through three columns (functional screen zones) which are in their turn divided into blocks. Each column may be independently scrolled.

The principal elements of the interface are:

  1. The main menu to access all basic functions of the system.
  2. Navigation and settings containing the list of instruments and chart settings.
  3. Principal information – the part which contains the information about the instrument and/or client actions (portfolio, position in the stock and derivative markets, orders, stop-orders, fills). This section may also contain tables with trade data, news, charts and level II quotes. Charts may display prices, volumes, transaction levels, trends, popular technical analysis indicators, etc.
  4. Supplementary information submitting extra details on instrument search results, a selected element from a table or a message.
  5. Order entry form for registration of new orders or stop-orders to be forwarded to the broker’s server.

The brokers, who are the clients of ARQA Technologies, have already been introduced to the 5.0.3 version of webQUIK. In the near future its redesigned interface and functional possibilities will be reviewed by the end-users of the system – the brokers’ own clients.

If your have any questions related to this news please get in touch with Sales and marketing of ARQA Technologies at: +7 (383) 219-16-19 or

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