New version of QUIK Workstation 6.9

21 october 2013

ARQA Technologies released a new version of the QUIK Workstation – 6.9. The main change is a new functionality for different groups of Traders. The main purpose of this functionality is to make operations more simple using built-in algorithms and provide a user with more parameters for estimating the results of transactions and facilitating the decision-making process.

'Account state' table

This table is a result of the company’s business analysts aspiration to improve the functional of 'Client portfolio' and is intended for online monitoring of own position in cash and securities. A user now can use these two tables with regard to the objectives and preferences.

The 'Account state' table is used for closing and reversing not only selected but also all available positions. The settings for closing and reversing positions are available in 'Security parameters' menu item (previously, 'Trade operations / Price limits range' setting menu items).

New functionality of the Lua language

The requests of those traders who actively use the Lua language for trading were taken into account when implementing the new functionality.

We hope many of them will be glad to know that a possibility to develop own indicators has been realized. The indicators now can be calculated using the Lua scripts created by a user and the calculated data will be displayed in the graphs of the QUIK Workstation.

The modification which improves ergonomics of the terminal is implemented – a set of functions for receiving and processing values from graphs without creating graphs is added.

A number of important changes are also implemented for Lua – values from the 'Client portfolio' and 'Buy-Sell' tables now can be received in Lua-scripts considering a type of limit as well as minimum price step value of a certain security.

New parameters of exchange trading

Displaying of a settlement date according to settlement codes in use is added in entry forms for OTC and REPO orders.

By entering address REPO orders with the Central Counterparty (CCP) a user now can indicate own value of discount or use one specified by the trading system.

New tables of transmitting risk parameters from the trading system are added in support of changes in the Currency market of the Moscow Exchange trading system:

  • Obligations and requirements on assets
  • Parameters of percent risks
  • Parameters of market risks
  • Individual risk parameters

And finally…

Date and time of receiving data from the exchange trading system considering the time zone of a user’s computer where QUIK workstation is installed now can be displayed regardless of time set on the server system.

See all changes in version 6.9.

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